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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 13:01

Hello and welcome to the much toned down RPGFilms.net movie archive.

The site you see here today is much less then what it was just a few short months ago. We are all aware of the downward turn in the economy that has gripped the US lately and I am not immune to these effects. Cost was not the only reason for the site to be reduced to this state.

Dark Age of Camelot is not the game it was, and subsequently the community is not the same. With those changes I found myself no longer interested in the game as a whole and have since moved on to other games. One of the games already has a massive video site and the other doesn't have a community very interested in showcasing their skill or making machinima it would appear.

So I found myself hosting large amounts of data that very few people actively view and very few quality submissions being sent in. I decided that I should be investing in my own future and that the cost of the hosting service would need to be drastically reduced. For a while I toyed with the idea of just taking it all down. But I felt I owed it to the creators of the DAOC works as they may not have their files stored anywhere for their own personal memories.

So I have decided to keep some form of the archive going as long as possible. Unfortunately when I changed from the first PHPNuke based site which was download links to the automated upload and convert to streaming site I decided to add a security protocol. This protocol renames all your movie submissions to a randomly generated MD5 hash. Then the software would push the file out to you and rename it for download. The issue with this was that there were thousands of files and I only had a complete backup for the original downloads in their original state.

The end result was that when I moved the files to a new service, I was only able to keep the original 1800 files. Everything else would have been an unusable MD5 hash name.

If you have a video that I am missing from the site and you want to archive it here freel free to upload it somewhere and send me the link. You can reach me at rpgfilms [at] gmail [dot] com.

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